Bristol Window Cleaners

No 1 commercial Bristol window cleaners! We also cover areas like Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, Clevedon and much more!

Below are all commercial services that we provide!

Commercial Bristol Window Cleaning

We can make sure you’re giving the right first impression to your customers, by ensuring you don’t have dirty windows, entrances or signs!

We can provide Bristol window cleaning for commercial or non-residential properties, such as restaurants, offices, shops, pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, b+bs, churches, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, people managing apartment blocks, etc.

This can be a “one off” clean, or for people who would like a clean done weekly, every two weeks, monthly, or once a quarter. (We give discounts for those that book more regularly!)

Bristol Window Cleaning Commercial

Bristol Window Cleaners

We do our cleaning with the latest water-fed pole system, so we can clean upto 60 feet high, while working from the ground. Which helps cut access costs and saves time, because we don’t use ladders or scaffolding. But most of all, it means you get to pay less.

When required we can also do cleans at night or in the early morning, to help minimize disruption to your business. We can also do the cleaning on the inside!

Why Should You Choose Us?

We’ve built our service to offer everything you need from commercial window cleaning in Bristol!


No Selling - Free Quotes

We don’t believe in hard selling or trying any sales tactics. We’ll give the best quote we can or give you some free advice if you ask our opinion


Plus Fully Insured

You and your property are protected by our Public Liability insurance, so in the event of any accidents we’re covered. (For upto £5,000,000)


LadderLess Cleaning

Because we use the latest “reach and wash” system, all of our cleaning can be done from the ground, which helps reduce cost and maintains privacy

uPVC Cleaning and Cladding

Commercial Cladding Cleaning

Using our water-fed pole system we offer uPVC or cladding cleaning, for as high as 60 feet. (Need higher? We can hire a cherry picker!)

And if your want to minimize any potential inconvenience to customers, we can always clean during the night or at a time when you’re not open!

Banners, Signs, “Fronts”

One of the first things customer will notice about your business, is your office or shop “front”, such as any walkways, frames, canopies, doors, etc.

All of this can be cleaned for you, alongside any pavement signs or other signage you might have!

Shop Cleaning Bristol

Communal And Office Cleaning In Bristol

Office Cleaning In Bristol

We also provide interior, communal and office cleaning. This can be done every day, week, two weeks or even monthly. This service will also be built around your needs.

We’ll do work like mopping or vacuuming floors, emptying bins, cleaning bathroom facilities, cleaning desks and work stations, etc.

Bristol Pressure Washing

With our pressure washing we can transform the look of many different surfaces, like for instance stone, concrete, brickwork, woodwork, block paving, etc.

Some of the clients who have used this service are car dealerships, offices, schools, car parks, shopping centers and independent shops, hotels and more!

Commercial Pressure Washing Bristol

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers for the questions we’re asked the most. Don’t see an answer you need? Contact us! We’re always happy to help or offer any advice!

What does it cost?

We always price our jobs on an individual basis, because each job is different and requires a quote specific to that job!

If you complete our form below, giving as much detail as possible, we can supply a rough estimate. We’ll then confirm the price upon seeing the job in person and you can decide if you want to proceed, or not!

Do you serve my area?

We serve all of Bristol, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Nailsea, Clevedon, Thornbury and Portishead.

So if you’re in one of those areas, you’re in luck!

If you want to see if we serve your area, you can always contact us here and get a direct answer!

Do you have insurance?


You and your property are protected by the Public Liability insurance we have, so in the very unlikely event of any accidents, we’re covered. (For upto £5,000,000)

It’s worth pointing out that we haven’t ever made a claim to our insurers, so the likelihood of this needing to be done is very, very low. (But if it does, you know we have insurance!)

Will the quote you give me be fixed?

The quote that’s given will be a rough estimate.

Sometimes this estimate can change if some information was accidentally omitted from your message, or if we misunderstand the work you were asking to be done.

We’ll confirm our price upon seeing the job in person and you can decide if you want to proceed, or not!

What forms of payment do you offer?

Because we want everything to be easy for you, we have a number of ways you can pay us, like cash on the day, standing orders or online payments.

If you’ve been a customer with us over a longer period of time, we also take cheques from you or payments via post.

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