Window Cleaning In Bristol

Specialists in window cleaning in Bristol. Also serving areas like Bath, Portishead, Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon and much more!

Below are all the home and residential cleaning services that we offer!

Window Cleaning In Bristol

Don’t let dirty windows bring down the appearance of your house!

If you’re in need of a window cleaning company in Bristol, then let us help! We offer a complete clean, covering your window frames and your windows, using our “Reach and Wash System”. We provide one-off cleans or regular 2, 4, or every 8 week cleans.

And to provide you with a hassle free service we don’t require you to be home when we clean and we give you multiple options for payment, such as cash, standing orders or online!

Residential Window Cleaning Bristol

More Homely

Dirty windows leave your home feeling messy or grimy. Having them cleaned by us can give your home a more homely feeling

When Selling

If you’re about to put your house up for sale, impress potential buyers with sparkling windows and clean window frames!

More Light

Let more light into your home, by having the daily dirt build up regularly cleaned from your windows

Window Cleaning In Bristol

Because we use the latest reach and wash system, (sometimes called “water fed poles”) we’re able to reach windows that in the past were inaccessible and we’re able to do this all from the ground, which saves time, reduces cost and helps to maintain privacy.

What’s more, the reach and wash system actually gets better results then traditional methods, as it doesn’t leave behind any soap residue, that can attract dirt. So your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We’ve built our service to offer everything you need from window cleaning in Bristol!

Built Around You

We don’t require you to be at home when we do your clean, plus we offer a number of different ways in which you can pay, so you can pick what best suits you!

Guaranteed - 200%

If you’re not happy with the result the first time, we’ll clean it again, but for free. And if you still haven’t got the results you wanted, we’ll give a full refund


LadderLess Cleaning

Because we use the latest “reach and wash” system, all of our cleaning can be done from the ground, which helps reduce cost and maintains privacy

Cladding And uPVC Cleaning

Cleaning UPVC In Bristol

A lot of homes these days will have some type of uPVC on them, things such as window frames, fascias, drainpipes or guttering. Unfortunately uPVC is a magnet for dirt and making your home look unclean!

Using our water-fed pole system and other cleaning techniques, we can remove this dirt for you and return your home to it’s former glory!

Pressure Washing Bristol

We can provide pressure washing services for a variety of work, such as cleaning driveways or patios that have become dirty from the constant bombardment of the British weather!

Or for instance for restoring woodwork like fences or decking. We can also clean surfaces such as concrete, brickwork, block paving, stone, etc.

Pressure Washing Bristol

Solar Panel Cleaning In Bristol

Solar Panel Cleaning In Bristol

Dirt, dust and bird droppings can prevent your solar panels from performing at their peak efficiency and therefor have a negative impact on your investment.

We can provide regular cleans that can effectively pay for themselves! What’s more, we’ll use our water-fed pole system, so we won’t need any scaffolding or ladders.

Conservatory Cleaning In Bristol

We provide a conservatory cleaning service in Bristol. We clean from top to bottom, inside and out! This includes the glass or perspex, uPVC or plastic, your doors and windows and anything else.

And because we use our water fed pole system, we also clean from the ground and reach every part of your conservatory, including the top!

Conservatory Cleaning Bristol

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers for the questions we’re asked the most. Don’t see an answer you need? Contact us! We’re always happy to help or offer any advice!

What’s a 200% guarantee?

We try to give a service that leaves you so happy that you’ll recommend our company to everyone you know! And so we offer our “200% guarantee!”

If you aren’t happy with our work the first time, we’ll clean it again, but for free. If you still haven’t got the results you wanted, we give a complete refund!

Do you have insurance?


You and your property are protected by the Public Liability insurance we have, so in the very unlikely event of any accidents, we’re covered. (For upto £5,000,000)

It’s worth pointing out that we haven’t ever made a claim to our insurers, so the likelihood of this needing to be done is very, very low. (But if it does, you know we have insurance!)

Do you serve my area?

We serve all of Bristol, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Nailsea, Clevedon, Thornbury and Portishead.

So if you’re in one of those areas, you’re in luck!

If you want to see if we serve your area, you can always contact us here and get a direct answer!

What does it cost?

We always price our jobs on an individual basis, because each job is different and requires a quote specific to that job!

If you complete our form below, giving as much detail as possible, we can supply a rough estimate. We’ll then confirm the price upon seeing the job in person and you can decide if you want to proceed, or not!

Is it O.K if I'm not at home when you come to clean? (Or sometimes we're asked, do you mind if I AM home when you come to clean!)

You don’t have to be there when we clean, however if you happen to be home, that’s O.K. too!

It’s preferable that you’re there as we do the first cleaning, this lets you point out what you need cleaned and you can give us any information we may need to be aware off. Although that isn’t a 100% requirement. If you can’t be there, we can still carry out the work.

After the first cleaning you won’t need to be there at all, but we will have to be certain we can access the windows that are being cleaned. This can all be discussed after we’ve done the first cleaning.

Upon completion of our cleans we also put a note in your letterbox, just so you’re aware that we’ve been and give you a reminder of when we’ll be back for your next clean.

If you want we can also send an email or text message on the evening before your next service, just so you know we’ll be visiting.

Need A Quote? Or Want More Info?

If you would like more information or a quote from us, it’s free! Just complete the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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